Sacco Easychair

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The armchair Sacco by Gatti, Paolini and Teodoro is one of the most meaningful examples of a design product's ability to embody an “era”, while “contaminating” the living conventions that apparently look very formal. The idea of its designers was to realize a “universal” seat that would easily adapt to anybody, in any position. Sacco is no doubt one of the most brilliant objects that have marked Italian Design. 

Sacco is a soft and helpful object: you may sit, lie down on it, crouch or as you may wish. It may serve as support to lay various things on, just like a service table; when stretched it nearly looks like a rug. However, it is not forbidden to find other applications. Kids do not use it: they play with it (sometimes like adults do). Sacco is a real “tamed” object. Be careful! It has a disadvantage: if you get used to it, you will become more demanding with other objects you are going to use

Lounge chair containing highly resistant expanded polystyrene pellets. Made in Italy. 

Ø80 x 68 cm.


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