B Line

B–LINE began manufacturing contract and home furniture in 1999 when the founder decided to start remanufacturing a number of historic icons, such as the Boby trolley, the Multichair transformable armchair by Joe Colombo, the 4/4 low table/bookcase and the Boomerang armchair by Rodolfo Bonetto.

Thanks to these re–editions, the B–LINE company became established and subsequently extended its catalogue to include a selection of furniture and furnishing accessories with different, versatile functions, and integrated cutting-edge technology with skilled craftsmanship.

Exclusive to Inform Interiors.
Boby Trolley Medium
Qty: 4
From $605
Boby Trolley Small
Qty: 2
From $514
Boby Trolley Large
Qty: 3
From $781
Boby Trolley Extra Small
Special Order
From $245
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