Steelwood Design

Steelwood Design celebrates what others try to hide. The marks. The scars. The imperfections. They believe that highlighting the blemishes, it lets them create a new chapter in the original story of the antique wood that they repurpose.

Whether it comes from the cabinets of a home that spent decades filled with love, or from a table gifted to a soldier and his wife as they began a new life after the war, each piece of reclaimed wood they use has a story to tell, and a story Steelwood Design refuses to erase. By sustainably sourcing our materials and repurposing them into a collection of artisanal, handmade wooden charcuterie boards, serving trays, platters, utensils, and more, they create a new chapter for these pieces. A way to live on and tell a new story in a new home.

Simpleton Board Medium
Steelwood Design
From $250
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