Riva 1920 Xmas Tree

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The Holiday season is the perfect opportunity to express a bit of madness and let the joy of life enter the house. Riva 1920, with the creative inspiration of architects and designers, reinterprets the traditional symbol of Christmas; soft, captivating, geometric or linear shapes sculpt scented cedar wood giving life to a collection that makes the perfect Christmas atmosphere.

The Xmas Collection branded Riva1920 is entirely made of reused scented cedar wood of Lebanon obtained from the scraps of the processing of our products. Each stage of processing to make the small Xmas trees, is made by skilled craftsmen, in complete respect for nature and our planet.

These solid cedar wood trees are sculptural and minimalist interpretations of the traditional Christmas tree. Available in two versions, one with geometric, concentric circles and one with soft, classic shapes. 

Decorative tree in scented cedarwood. Available in two versions. 

Xmas MB Ø21 x H46 cm. 

Xmas MR Ø23 x H44 cm. 

Made in Italy. 


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