PP130 Circle Chair

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The idea of making a chair based on the most simple and elegant shape of them all, the circle, remained a distant dream until Hans J. Wegner eventually completed the design at the age of 72. The concept of the Circle Chair matured over a lifetime, and became one of Wegner’s most visionary projects.

Although the design initially posed great challenges for PP Møbler’s workshop, as it pushed the limits of what was possible at the time, it eventually became a flagship chair at PP Møbler.

Consequently the Circle Chair turned out to be one of Wegner’s most characteristic designs and it still offers great comfort and flexibility. Although he conceived the idea of the Circle Chair in 1965 it was not completed until 1986 in collaboration with PP Møbler.

One of the many appealing features of the Circle Chair is the fact that despite the size and comfort it is light and transparent, very practical and easy to move around.

Lounge chair, with a wood frame in a treated wood finish. Flag halyard in natural, made from jute with a high tensile nylon core for optimal strength covered by a protective sleeve of woven jute. In order to optimize rigidity the flag line is stretched before it is applied to the chair.

Upholstered seat and neck cushion. Clips and wheels available in brass or stainless steel. 

Ø112 x D94 x H97 cm. Seat height 42 cm. 

Made in Denmark.


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