N°1070 Thin Bracelet

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Isaac Reina's rounded bracelet is a leather-wrapped metal bracelet, rigid but adjustable.

Aniline leather is the most natural looking leather as it has not been protected by a surface coating of polymer and pigments. It gives your item a unique aspect and touch.

Differences in tone, shading, gradation, and the possible alterations of the material are to be regarded as a sign of quality.

Leather wrapped metal bracelet with matching stitching available in Black and Dark Honey in double tanned calf leather and Natural vegetable tanned calf leather. Inside stamped with the Isaac Reina logo.

Double tanned calf is a smooth full grain aniline leather. It contains a special wax finish which nourishes the leather for its lifetime.

Vegetable tanned calf in natural color is a thick and rigid type of full grain aniline leather that was tanned with vegetable extracts. Vegetable tanned calf will darken from a very light beige color to a dark brown chocolate over the years.

Ø6.4 x Width 8 mm.

Made in France. 

(Black & Dark Honey bracelets) When your item is new or after storing it, the wax may release itself causing a slightly white shade. The released wax may contain some of the dye contained in the leather, this can possibly stain your light garments. Gently rub the surface with a dry soft cotton cloth to remove and re-insert the wax. Overtime, using a colorless special cream for leather can help clean and moisturize your item

To care for your bracelet (Natural Colour), avoid any contact with water as vegetable tanned is a dry type of leather that will absorb water. In case you do, dry your item immediately by spreading the water out evenly. You may use a waterproofing spray but as this type of leather is popular for its patina, this is not recommended during the first years. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth. If necessary, glycerin soap may be used with damp cloth taking care not to soak the leather.


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