Fundamentals of Design

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From the analysis of the formal components of objects, via an overview of the possibilities of developing and optimizing the creative process, to the development of one's own evaluation catalog.

What forms are there in general?

What shape-giving processes are available?

What are the evaluation criteria for existing objects and those yet to be developed?

These fundamental questions, which every creative professional poses again and again, are addressed, systematically explained, and answered in this volume. The publication also provides you with a set of basic tools for better communication when discussing and explaining your work and your projects.

The first part is a comprehensive compilation that identifies and describes all forms that exist for objects. The middle section offers a qualitative overview of the possibilities with which form elements, forms, or objects can be developed and optimized. In the third section the methodology for the development of your own evaluation system is presented.

The objective of this work is to offer an orientation on the basics of design, combining the aspects of shape, craft, content, and method into a holistic understanding of the art.

About the Author

After graduating in product design in Schwabisch Gmund,Mike Ambach worked as an in-house designer at Gaggenau-Hausgerate. After founding his own design firm, he also worked as a lecturer on design. Today, his work primarily focuses on innovation projects in the areas of living and kitchens, electromobility and mechanical engineering.

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