Down To Earth: Rammed Earth Architecture

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Explore the world of rammed earth, an ancient construction technique employing earth, chalk, lime, and gravel. This method, experiencing a modern resurgence, aligns with the growing interest in sustainable building materials and natural construction. Rammed earth walls are non-combustible, thermally massive, robust, and durable. While construction is straightforward, it can be labor-intensive without machinery, and proper protection is essential to prevent water damage. This book compiles international examples, highlighting the versatility of this intriguing building method in various climates.

About the Author

Sergio Asensio, Spanish editor and designer with a distinguished career in creating books for LOFT PUBLICATIONS. His unique expertise merges with a captivating design vision. Explore Sergio Asensio's exceptional creativity through his works, where each page tells a visually striking story.

Format: Hardcover

Size: 25 x 29 cm

Pages: 280


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