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The third and final instalment in the “Is This Rural?” series focuses on the intermediate territory: the most indeterminate in terms of use, the setting where the most complex situations occur, and where the mix of uses is part of its identity. An analysis of this diffuse and increasingly expanded portion of the environment originates a series of explorations towards possible futures in which architecture is obliged to enter into dialogue with the natural sciences. Besides essays by architect and urbanist Javier Mozas and Wrocław-based PROLOG +1, it also features works by Colectivo C733, B-Architecten, Atelier Fanelsa, KOSMOS Architects, Rural Office for Architecture, and others.

The title of this series, IS THIS RURAL?, questions the identity of the largest proportion of territory, that not occupied by cities, that which is out there, that which traditionally used to be known as the countryside.

Are there still differences between urban and rural, or are the boundaries increasingly blurred?

How is architectural design affected by the absence of unequivocal identities?

Format: Softcover

Size: 24 x 32 cm

Pages: 120


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