Bramante Cabinet

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A storage unit with a contemporary look, albeit drawing on classic inspiration, has become the emblem of Simon Collezione’s Ultrarazionale collection, in this case an example of ancient lacquering techniques being customized for industrial-level manufacturing. The importance of this collection lies in its going beyond the limits imposed by the Italian Rationalist movement, reclaiming traditional materials as well as techniques, such as lacquer work, for large-scale production. While the reworking of the shapes and sizes of the Bramante unit has been undertaken in the spirit of innovation, the artisanal finish enhances the surfaces, with the many coats of lacquer applied to make each piece unique, an item to be treasured. A symbol too of Cassina’s Simon Collezione, Bramante attracts attention for its architectural presence as well as its versatility in a wide array of settings.

The 2019 rework keeps the shapes and dimensions unchanged but profoundly changes the construction structure, eliminating the modules, thus making it more contemporary and adding new interior lighting and continuous glass shelves with a spirit of innovation. The handcrafted finish enhances the surface with multiple lacquered passages that define its uniqueness and preciousness and is also available in three precious hand-shaded versions, each with a combination of two different colours.

Cabinet in choice of sizes and finishes with doors in MDF with a polyester base and glossy finish. Top in tempered glass and interior shelves in tempered glass. Available with or without interior LED lighting. 

Made in Italy. 


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