LC1 Armchair

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A chair with a timeless design that draws upon colonial styles for inspiration. Lightweight and compact, the timeless shape of LC1 was introduced in 1929 at the Salon d’Automne along with other iconic pieces like LC2 and LC3, the LC6 table and LC4 chaise longue.

As with all of Le Corbusier’s works, the LC1 Fauteuil derives from an in-depth study of human posture. In this particular case, the chair is intended to be relaxing and to foster conversation. Its perfect compositional simplicity, suited to any context, is available in three versions. In addition to the 1929 model, there is the 1928 Villa Church option, and the one exhibited in 1930 at the Union des Artistes Modernes.

Lounge armchair with a steel rod frame and chrome finish. Nickel-plated steel springs to fix and fasten the cover. Self-supporting upholstery with edges in natural leather. Leather arm straps to match leather upholstery. Hairy hide upholstery comes with black leather arm straps.

W60 x D65 x H64 cm. Seat height 40 cm.

Made in Italy.


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