Two Lines Vase

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From its beginning, in the mid-90s, Fish Design's purpose has been to discuss singularity as the evolution from the standard, celebrating the flaws of humanity, its beauty, its joy, texture, sensuality, appeal, elasticity, colour, femininity, innovation.

The company has been operating since 1995 in New York, and it is now producing in Milan, Italy, the country that gave birth to its essence.

Fish Design is not satisfied with uniformity, with the superficiality of traditional design objects, their fatigue, abstraction and globalism.

In this time in history which becomes more complex each day, Fish Design’s goal is to offer more warmth, good humour and more affection for the spaces that host our lives contributing to their health.

Handmade vase in soft resin, size large in transparent dark ruby and blue. 

Ø16 x H28 cm.

Made in Italy. 


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