Wo Tum Bu 2 Table Lamp

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Wo-Tum-Bu 2 by Ingo Maurer is a standing lamp with a shade made of specially treated paper. Wo-Tum-Bu provides a very pleasant, dazzle-free light. Like a light-emitting sculpture with a clear form, it brings a stimulating, yet calm atmosphere to any room. It is part of the MaMo Nouchies 'tribe', which Ingo Maurer developed together with Dagmar Mombach and his team.

The paper shades of the MaMo Nouchies are manufactured in a multi-step process by hand in Munich. The basic material is Japanese paper. Not suitable for rooms with a high level of humidity, for example, bathrooms, as this affects the tautness of the paper.

Table lamp with a concrete base, a stainless steel frame rod and a Japanese paper shade. 

Light source - Integrated LED

H120 cm. Cord length 250 cm. 


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