Ultima Thule Champagne Glass Set of Two

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Multi-talented genius Tapio Wirkkala defied the rules of glassblowing with his iconic Ultima Thule collection. Inspired by ice, Wirkkala spent nearly a thousand hours with the glassblowers at the Iittala Glass Factory, to recreate a unique slice of Nordic nature. Featuring a rounded base supported by three ice peaks that float above the surface, the groundbreaking Ultima Thule brings a piece of arctic nature to any interior. A dynamic mix of art and function, the classic Finnish drinkware cemented its iconic status when Finnair began using it in its first class service from Helsinki to New York. The Ultima Thule sparkling wine glassware set is perfect for bubbly beverages.

Set of two champagne glasses. 

Ø5.6 x H11.5 cm.  

Made at the Iittala Factory in Finland. 


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