Tea Scoop

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Kaikado was established in Kyoto in 1875, the year of the Meiji Restoration, as the pioneer of tinplate canisters using imported tinplate from England. They have continued to implement their unchanged hand-making techniques developed by their founder for over a century.

The interesting thing is how they’ve been able to continue making their “chazutsu” or tea caddies by hand for over a century in this way.  It’s because they share the same understanding as the founder, know the essential value of “chazutsu” and have inherited the same techniques of their forefathers even when times and circumstances are constantly changing.

Kaikado “chazutsu” can be repaired even if they are dented or distorted.  They can be passed down from generation to generation because of the traditional hand-making techniques even now being practiced.  Your grandchildren’s grandchildren will be able to bring their “chazutsu” back to craftsmen if they ever need maintenance.

Kaikaido will continue to provide living tools that can be used even 100 years later.

Handmade tea scoop, in a choice of sizes and materials.  

Ø6.5 x 9.5 cm. Made in Japan. 


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