Tubissime Mustard with Truffle Juice

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SUR LES QUAIS is a gourmet fine food brand founded by people who have a passion for travel and beautiful, delicious food. It all began in 1999 in Paris, the world capital of gastronomy and veritable culinary crossroads.

We first came across the Sur Les Quais mustards in tubes about 6 years ago on one of our trips to Paris. After trying a variety of flavours, we decided the Truffle was by far the best. The subtlety and refined flavour of the truffles paired with excellent French mustard makes an amazing enhancement to meats, roasted veggies or salad dressings!

The TUBISSIME® design tube ensures optimum protection and conservation - 110g 

Made In France

water, mustard seeds, vinegar, truffle natural aromas, truffle tuber melanosporum (0.2%), salt, sugar, sodium bisulphite.


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