Drying Oak Spacial Fragrance

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Drying Oak takes its form from a smell memory of entering an outhouse with damp stacks of drying oak, just when the evaporation of the morning dew takes off. 

A cool woody oil blend of Pine, Cypress, Birch, & Oak. 

Pneuma spatial fragrances are subtle in their diffusion, thus allowing other smell experiences to coexist within the same space. When you have applied the spatial fragrance of your choice onto your object, place it close to where you are, and enjoy the smell nuances.

We recommend applying 2-3 drops to your desired Pneuma object, letting it absorb and diffuse the fragrance naturally. When adding more drops to your object, little by little will the intensity and volume of the fragrance build up and grow stronger. 

Oil room fragrance. To be used with Penuma Heavy Object diffusers. 

10 ml.

The fragrances are composed using raw, and laboratory-derived materials. All raw materials used are sustainably sourced, great care and attention are taken throughout the sourcing process. 


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