Spanish Dining Chair

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With its Danish accent on functionally driven design, durability and simple, declarative style, the Spanish Dining Chair is a modern classic that’s easy to envision in hotels, restaurants, homes and countless other settings around the globe.

It’s ironic that something called The Spanish Chair would become synonymous with Danish design. However, the origin of its name and its distinctive aesthetic render the chair worthy of its reputation.

Børge Mogensen drew much of his inspiration from traditional chairs of other cultures, such as English Windsor chairs and the Shaker movement in America. In Spain, a traditional way of making furniture involved the use of sturdy leather to construct the seat as part of a wooden structure – hence the name of what went on to become one of Mogensen's most celebrated designs.

Wood dining chair with leather back and seat in vegetable-tanned saddle leather with metal buckles. The leather seat has canvas backing. Saddle straps can be tightened as the leather expands through use.

W56 x D48 x H: 84.5 cm. Seat height 46 cm.


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