Solis Oil Lamp

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A sharp idiom, yet soft and accommodating. Solis is an oil lamp that is all about flame and light. The concave top that encircles the wick reflects the flame, enhancing its beautiful glow. When designing the lamp, Søren Refsgaard played with the contrasts of material and shape. The lamp is made of aluminium, a reference to the very DNA of Stelton. But Refsgaard’s organic shape lends the Solis oil lamp a softness that is not normally associated with metal. The Solis oil lamp consists of two parts - a holder and a cover that fits perfectly. This is a result of Stelton’s experience with the material and quest for precision. At the bottom of the holder there is a notch, through which you can lift the light with a finger to separate the two parts. The light source for the Solis oil lamp is a 100% vegetable oil, which is included. 

Brass oil lamp, including a glass container of 100% vegetable oil. Overall burning time 40 to 50 hours. 

Ø11.5 x H10 cm. 


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