Seeking Sanctuary: Private residences for true relaxation

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The fifteen private residences in this book can all be called sanctuaries because they all seek to support and protect the well-being of their owners, families and guests. 

According to New York based interior designer, life coach and meditation teacher Joshua Smith, “When your home is your sanctuary, there’s a big exhale when you walk through that front door. It nourishes your spirit, inspires your mind, and enhances your connection to yourself, your loved ones and the divine, however you might define that” (in Homes & Gardens, January 2023).

For Shelby Deering, designer of the tranquil spaces of The Well (with locations in New York City, Washington, Miami, Costa Rica and Mexico), "Over the last few years, our homes have become more important than ever. Throughout the pandemic, we saw them function as offices, gyms, schools, restaurants — and, of course, our own little corners of the world where we were able to find relief from daily pressures and anxiety. Because of this shift, it’s no wonder that people have made efforts to refresh their living quarters to focus more on health, wellness and self-care. After all, when the environment around you feels like a calming refuge, those peaceful vibes can directly impact how you feel.

We believe that all houses in this book meet these criteria. Everyone needs a happy place, a space to relax, unwind, and let the worries of everyday life melt away. Some may dream of white-sand beaches, while others may prefer cozy mountain chalets, or a meditative, decluttered wabi sabi interior in a cosmopolitan setting.

Whether in Brazil, Sweden, Mexico, Crete, St. Barts, Spain or in Belgium - all over the world, people are searching for the ultimate comfort, safety and happiness in their own cocoon, their own protective environment.

Format: Hardcover

Size: 27 x 34cm

Pages: 224


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