Restoring Marble Cleaner

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A gentle non-toxic and biodegradable spray specifically made for marble and fine stone material. High PH value that won’t harm your bench or table. Gives a protecting film and cleanses the pores of the stone.

Act of Caring uses an Eco-friendly bottle made from 100% recycled PET - happiest if refilled or recycled.

Blended & manufactured Sweden.

Marble cleaner made from non-toxic ingredients in a natural Swedish Pine Scent. 200ml spray bottle. 

Spray onto the desired surface and wipe dry with a cloth. Made for fine stone materials like marble and granite but works great for all kinds of natural materials. PH value 8-9. Follow with Act of Care's Protecting Marble Wax for extra care and shine. 

Ingredients - Aqua, Pinus sylvestris oil (Pine oil), Potassium hydroxide 


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