Pixo Plus Table Lamp

Regular price $420


Although it embodies an emotive, humanistic form, Pixo, at its conceptual core, is ultra-efficient task light. Functionality and necessity drive its design. It makes the most of its frame and its space through every feature: Pixo's swivelling light shade and highly maneuverable arm lend it maximum utility within a minimal footprint. Its compact, energy-saving LED light is infinitely adjustable, allowing the user to focus
warm, glare-free light wherever needed. For added convenience, the elegant form factor features full-range dimming via its easy-to-use optical switch.  The base integrates ultra-convenient wireless charging technology + USB port for the ultimate task lighting experience. Even more, the upper and lower pieces ship detached from one another to reduce packing materials and shipping costs. Pixo Plus is 97% recyclable.

Table light with 360° arm rotation, 180° arm tilt, 360° shade rotation, wireless charging and USB charging port. 

Made from 97% recyclable material. Polycarbonate shade and base cover with steel base insert and formed aluminum arm.

Light bulb high-output LED array with 50K hour lifespan. 

W12.5 x D15 x H42 cm. 


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