Niis Zig Zag Tray

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The Niis marble tray plays on minimalism, purity, and modernity, challenging the eclectic border between functional art and sculptural long-lasting design. Ideal for an office, living room, or bathroom, this piece combines apparent simplicity with rigorous geometry.

Handcrafted in pure Athenian White Volakas Marble in a small village in the north of Greece (Drama) famous for its marble quarries, this piece pays homage to the famous Greek ancient civilization, the Acropolis and Parthenon. Natural Volakas marble is a metamorphic rock that morphs from limestone under extreme heat and pressure deep within the earth. It also contains dolomite along with limestone which gives it different colors and tones. The tradition of marble carving and sculpture from the famous Greek sculptors Phydias and Praxitelis is still alive today.

Carved by hand, this piece conveys a feeling of modernity while presenting the luxury gathered by nature and enhanced by human interpretation. It features a matte polish finish and is signed by the maker and designer.

Hand carved tray with protective sealant to preserve the natural feel of the marble.

Clean with water or a neutral detergent.  Do not use cleaners containing abrasive cleansers, ammonia, bleach, acid or even homemade remedies made from lemon, vinegar and the like.

W27 x D18.5 x H4 cm.

Made in Greece.


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