Nelson Cigar Bubble Pendant

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The Nelson Cigar Bubble Pendant casts a soft, even light as it is hung from the ceiling with the help of a plate and a six foot long cord. It is available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. The origin of these lamps was in 1952 when Nelson was inspired by set of Swedish hanging lamps that were tediously crafted with a silk covering. The bigger challenge, however, was their expensive price. Nelson decided to make his own set, and arrived at an innovative process that replaced the silk shade with a translucent plastic material, making them available at a modest price.

Designed with a durable steel frame infrastructure and translucent polymer shade, George Nelson's Cigar pendant light is engineered to provide a warm, diffused glow to enhance your home's mood.

Pendant light with a steel frame, translucent polymer shade and a brushed nickel canopy. 

Bulb not included, LED, CFL, or incandescent; E26 base; 60W max for small, 150W max for others.

Small - Shade Ø10.5". H13.78 x W10.24 x D15.75". Cord length 120".

Medium -  Shade Ø13". H20.87 x W12.99 x D15.35". Cord length 120".

Large -  Shade Ø18.75". H32.68 x W14.96 x D15.35". Cord length 120".


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