Nelson Bubble Table Lamp

Regular price $845


The Nelson Bubble Lamps were first designed in 1952 when Nelson was inspired by a set of Swedish hanging lamps. Their expensive price prompted Nelson to make his own set, and he arrived at an innovative process that replaced their silk shade with a translucent plastic material, making them available at a modest price. 

The Nelson Bubble Table Lamp brings this classic design to a table setting. Its elegant lampshade is set on a steel base that is available with or without a walnut cover, and an easy-to-use on/off pull chain with a solid walnut end. The lamp also includes an 86-inch plug-in cord.

Plastic polymer and brushed nickel-plated steel table lamp. Walnut cover available. 

Ball Lotus  - Ø12.75 x 26.5".

Cigar Lotus -  Ø10.5 x 26.5".

Cord length - 7'2".

Wattage 150W max. 

Accommodates incandescent, fluorescent, and LED bulb (not included).


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