Modern Japanese Garden

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A Japanese garden represents the essence of Japanese culture, embodying the country’s spirit and philosophy. It has a distinctive style, quality of materials and emphasis on details. Modern Japanese Gardens captures this spirit through the work of 20 contemporary Japanese garden design masters.

The gardens featured in Modern Japanese Gardens are drawn from a variety of locations in Japan, placed in different settings, from private houses and temples to cafés, restaurants and stores. Some are of traditional appearance; others have a distinctly modern aesthetic. In common, all the gardens have been influenced by Japanese culture and society, created by masters who are internationally recognized and lauded for their skills.

Modern Japanese Gardens includes insightful text on each garden, revealing the concept behind the design and the use of plants, alongside photography exploring both the detail and the overall aesthetic that shape the design.

About the Author

Shinobu Sawada is the editor-in-chief of leading Japanese garden magazine Niwa, having previously worked as an editor of Japanese interior design magazine Indoor green. She is a frequent speaker at conferences, media events and workshops. Sawada has extensive, well-established connections with the garden masters of Japan. Together with Sawada, Tadafumi Aoza runs Niwa Japan, a Japanese garden agency based in both Tokyo and Paris. Aoza and Sawada represent and promote Japanese gardeners around the world.

Format: Hardcover

Size: 8.27 x 10.24"

Pages: 224


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