Mario Bellini: Architect

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A trip around the world through buildings, museums, fairground complexes, international competitions and designs for major exhibitions, in order to explore Mario Bellini’s architectural work. And, at the same time, a voyage back in time from 2016 to 1960, to follow the common thread that runs through the work of this Milanese architect, who has always been equally successful with projects of every scale, be it small, medium or large. This common thread reflects an approach to architecture as a “total fact”, never repetitive, and far from a view based purely on the “image” of the craft. As is shown by the texts, quotations, photographs, plans, sketches and “other” references which duly accompany the reader in this exciting double journey.

Author: Kenneth Frampton

Hardcover. In English and Italian. 

Size: 28 x 28 cm

Pages: 320


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