Joy Bookshelf

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In designing Joy, Castiglioni realized the idea of technological and formal annihilation. Joy is a “neutral” object with a multiple role, the possible archetype of a new category. Joy’s peculiarity lies in the movement of rotating shelves realized with extreme simplicity: some horizontal shelves rotate freely around a vertical articulated column made of steel tubes. Joy is an “invention object” by one of the most influential masters of Italian Design.

A "rotating shelf unit", hard to pigeonhole, which once again established a new typological record. A seemingly simple object made of six "overturned L-shaped" elements and a low supporting element that functions as a base for metal joints on with shelves are mounted.

Rotating bookshelf with seven upright L shaped shelves in medium density fiberboard, finished with scratch-resistant embossing in black. Steel articulated joints in black. 

W96 x D30 x H190 cm. 


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