Intersection of Nature and Art: James Doyle Design Associates

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“Over the years I have watched the physical and emotional evolution of JDDA’s work and it is truly evident in this monograph. I have marveled at the consistent quest for refinement and sophistication and admired their ever-evolving and maturing palette. In all their landscapes they respect the elements and the integrity of nature, as well as embellishing the space with their own particular style. They create a joyous juxtaposition between the sophisticated architectural elements and the reassuringly organic mood of the planting, with the occasional sculptural addition.
The joy of walking within a JDDA landscape affords us both a mental and physical calm. The evolution of the body of work is an inspiration to us all.”
From the Foreword, by David Harber

This stunningly illustrated monograph represents the evolution of James Doyle Design Associates (JDDA), its thought processes, and the exciting ever‐changing world of landscape architecture. For JDDA, the path of its design work is reflective of a new generation of landscape architects. A connection with nature is in demand now more than ever, whether the space is urban or rural, grand or intimate. JDDA believes that the art and practice of designing the outdoor environment should not be devoid of a respect for nature and its impact on change and growth.

This work reflects the intersection of nature and art; the juxtaposition of the designed and the natural; with bold, contemporary, dynamic gestures in the form of sculptural plant material, innovative hardscaping and an infusion of landscape art. JDDA cares about the world we live in and that our landscapes have the power to become our sanctuaries, to be uplifting, relaxing and thought provoking, with an appreciation for nature.

James Doyle Design Associates creates world-class and award-winning landscape designs that enrich the lives of the people who use them. They are as inspired by the future as they have been by the past. The firm strives to create beautiful and sustainable solutions that blend a unique sense of place with a thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of landscape architecture today.

Author: James Doyle Design Associates

Format: Hardcover

Size: 33 x 25 cm

Pages: 304


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