I Ricchi Poveri Toto

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I Ricchi Poveri Monument for a Bulb

The bulb with the ears is a small, handmade light object that lights up a room with a touch of cheer. Toto is a model from the I Ricchi Poveri series, a group of small, unpretentious light objects first presented by Ingo Maurer in April 2014. 

The bulbs are manufactured exclusively for Ingo Maurer GmbH and can only be used in the I Ricchi Poveri models. Supplied with one replacement bulb. The "Ambient" light source is produced exclusively for Ingo Maurer GmbH. Ambient is the new LED technology of the company Ingo Maurer for the models of the product families Lucellino and I Ricchi Poveri. 

 Table lamp with a glas bulb wearing a metal hat in brass, with a steel base. 

Light source - Ambient 12 V AC, 5 W, LED. Dimmable. 

Base W14 x D10 cm. H53 cm.


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