Glorifying Dish Soap

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A gentle, effective & eco-friendly dish soap with natural ingredients. Scented with pure essential oils from Grapefruit & Blood Orange. Act of Caring’s Glorifying Dish Soap does not only fight stains and germs, but also imparts a genuinely fresh, invigorating scent when used. The Sandalwood essential oil gives your kitchen that warm and relaxing aroma which can lower stress and worry, perfect for the kitchen atmosphere. If that wouldn’t be enough the Sandalwood scent also repels insects!

Safe to use on fine porcelain, glass, plastic and stainless steel our Glorifying Dish Soap will be an essential part of your daily kitchen cleansing routine.

Dish soap with non-toxic, effective natural cleansing properties. Biodegradable formula.  350 ml bottle. Grapefruit and blood orange essential oils.  

Blended and manufactured in Sweden.


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