Discocó 53 Pendant

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If there is one iconic design in the Marset collection, it is the Discocó: exuberant, even when switched off, the richness of the light emitted by this lamp provides direct downward illumination as well as a dramatic surrounding interplay of light and shadow. Its detailed study of indirect light adds nuance and also depth. Further reflections dance off the chrome-covered sphere at the core, to which the discs are attached.

When switched off, the Discocó is a stunning object that catches the eye and fills the space. 

Designed by Christophe Mathieu. 

Pendant light with 35 opaque discs made in moulded ABS around a chromed sphere. 

Light source - E27 HSGSA/C/UB 116W

Ø53 x H 42.50 cm. Cable length 200 cm. 


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