John Pawson Casserole Pot

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If houses remain the heart of John Pawson's work, kitchens are increasingly the heart of the houses. John Pawson's Cookware started with the idea of providing contemporary kitchens with a set of core equipment that combines functional sophistication with formal simplicity.

Efforts have focused on refining the shape and on the detail of the junction between body and handle, to produce a family of quietly modern forms, equally at home over a flame or on a table.

18/10 stainless steel cooking pot with Silvinox®. InductoSeal®, hermetically welded 7-ply base with copper: extremely conductive base. Welded cast stainless steel handles.

Capacity 4.2 quarts.  Ø11"

Suitable for the oven and all types of cooking devices, including induction. 30-year guarantee. 

Made in Belgium. 


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