Connection: CCY Architects

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Connection is a monograph of ten residences that articulate the office's design process and exploration of creating architectural solutions rooted in natural place.

Connection provides insight into how Colorado-based CCY Architects investigates and formulates the connection between people and place. By way of ten recently completed residential projects located throughout the Rocky Mountain region, CCY Architects shares its process and the specific ideas, discoveries, and challenges that emerge with each project. The featured award-winning projects are diverse in scale, location, and intention, including residences in pristine nature, in dense neighborhoods, in an avalanche path, and a house wrapped in music.

The interaction among design and place begins with questions. How to conduct an "interview" with the land to discover qualities which to more powerful design solutions? What should a changing habitat live like, feel like, look like? As CCY uncovers the potential elements of each project, they reflect on and respond to the genuine qualities of the land, light, and seasons to devise the building blocks of a meaningful environment. Common to all is a respect for the land and an intention to forge connections.

Author: CCY Architects 

Format: Hardcover

Page: 312 

Size: 25 x 30 cm 


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