Civil Bench

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Included in Cassina’s study of the furnishings of the city of Chandigarh, the Civil Bench in Viennese cane, a tribute to Pierre Jeanneret, is distinguished by sleek shapes and simple materials poised between modern European ideals and the traditional Indian spirit.

The original, crafted to furnish the homes of the members of the city’s Legislative Assembly, is composed of a seat with solid wood structure held up by two lateral supports in the shape of an inverted “V”; features that, along with the Viennese cane seat, form the hallmark feature of the entire Collection.  

The Cassina Research and Development Centre proposes two variants for the wooden frame, in natural oak and stained black oak, in addition to the historic teak version, that are produced in the company’s historic carpentry workshop. Optional cushions are available for added protection and comfort.

Bench in solid teak or oak with seat in woven viennese cane.

W133 x D45 x H42 cm.

Made in Italy. 


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