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A sort of biography of the outspoken street artist geared towards a younger audience, ‘Banksy’ is written and illustrated by Fausto Gilberti. Using a first-person voice, the political activist and applauded vandal tells the story of why he chose graffiti to express himself, and also why he wears various disguises and needs to be so secretive. He goes on to recount several anecdotes from his life, as well as the actions that have made him (in)famous, like putting his own artwork on the wall of the Louvre without permission. The quirky drawings match the tone of the narrative perfectly, and the story even addresses some of the rumours and speculation about Banksy’s real identity.

Author: Fausto Gilberti. Translated by David Kelly. 

Format: Softcover. In Italian and English.

Pages: 40

Size: 20 x 20 cm


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