Architecture as a Living Act

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This book, the first monograph on Leonardo Ricci’s oeuvre, uses archive materials, some of which have never been published, to investigate the entire range of Ricci’s work, by examining some of his most interesting projects and putting them into the context of the current architectural panorama.

His professional activity in the passionate climate of post-war reconstruction in Italy, his communitarian projects and experimental family residences, his book Anonymous (20th Century) in which he defined with an “existentialist” approach his theories of painting, architecture, and urban planning, his visionary projects for “Earth-City” macrostructures, his innovative approach to the spatial organization of public institutions in his last projects, every step of Ricci’s work was always coherently connected to a basic aim: to translate into an architectural form the dynamism of phenomena and the incessant flow of life.

The book investigates Leonardo Ricci’s practical and theoretical approach to architectural design, giving this exceptional figure the recognition he deserves within the panorama of Italian and international architecture following the Second World War.

Maria Clara Ghia is Assistant Professor in History of architecture at Sapienza University in Rome. She holds two PhDs in Architecture – theory and design and in Philosophy. For her studies on Leonardo Ricci, she won the Bruno Zevi International Prize in 2011 and the Enrico Guidoni Prize in 2019.

Author: Maria Clara Ghia

Format: Softcover

Size: 20 x 25 cm 

Pages: 300


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