John Pawson: A Visual Inventory Postcards

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24 postcards featuring some of the most intriguing images from John Pawson’s A Visual Inventory, hand-picked by the author.

In a life spent working on projects around the world, John Pawson is always looking for patterns, details, textures and spatial arrangements that might inform his design work in the future. Since acquiring his first digital camera, Pawson has amassed over a quarter of a million photographs. Collectively these snapshots form a monumental visual diary and body of reference material, logging both the ordinary and the extraordinary  - places, buildings, landscapes and objects.

Arranged in parts, each postcard is personally annotated. Some images illustrate a particular idea about form, material or space; others reflect the author's interest in returning repeatedly to certain subjects, capturing the changes brought by different light conditions, weather, seasons, patterns of use and the passing of time. 

A set of 24 postcards from John Pawson's book A Visual Inventory. 

H10.5 x L29.6 cm each. 


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