A+U 20:08, 599 - Arata Isozaki In The 1970s: Practice And Theory

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This special issue on architect and urban designer Arata Isozaki has four unique features that are usually absent in conventional overviews of his work. Firstly, only projects by Isozaki from the 1970s are included; secondly, it features working drawings rather than design drawings; thirdly, just four works were selected for inclusion; and finally, particular emphasis was made in the interview with the architect to elicit his own remarks on topics pertaining to the 1970s, theory and practice, and what was experimental about specific buildings. The chosen works are the Oita Medical Hall Extension, Kitakyushu Central Library, West Japan General Exhibition Centre, and Kaijima House.

168 p, 22 x 29 cm, paperback, Japanese/English


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