a+t 56 Generosity: Housing Design Strategies: The Indeterminacy of the Floor Plan

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The magazine launches a new series, ‘Generosity: Housing Design Strategies’, in which architectural projects identifying with specific design strategies are grouped into four sections: indeterminacy, exteriority, privacy, and interactivity. At the core of the series is the concept of generosity, an essential quality for the design of collective housing. Generosity transforms the condition of the built volume and makes it habitable, generating comfort, well-being, and much more. This first issue in the series focuses on the indeterminacy of the floor plan and features work by Fala Atelier, Esch Sintzel, FAR frohn&rojas, Lacol & La Boqueria, Peris+Toral, and others.

Format: Softcover

Size: 24 x 32 cm

Pages: 136


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