Fantastic Designs in the Store

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· Different from the store interior design collection, this book focuses on the overall visual merchandising design of physical shop, combining corporate identity design, visual identity and interior design.

· Revolving around the fashion, lifestyle and food stores, Fantastic Designs in the Store presents over 80 newest visual cases from all over the world to the readers, showing how to build the shop image from graphic to style.

· The book presents each project with high-res images and sophisticated description, making itself a reference book worth reading.

Editor's Recommendation:

In the age of online-shopping, how can the physical stores attract shoppers, stimulate buying behavior and defeat virtual stores? The impressive and beautiful store visual merchandising design may help to fix this problem, for it can not only lure the customers cross the store’s door and buy products, but also create and reinforce the unique image of the stores and brands so as to anchor them in customers’ minds. No matter you are a designer seeking for the sparkle of inspiration, or a shop manager looking for integrated visual design, this collection of store visual design will serve you well, and you will definitely benefit from it.

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 240


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