A+U 19:07, 586 - Transit Oriented Development and Managemet

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• As cities around the world have started to respond to traffic and urban living, TODM (Transit-Oriented Development and Management) has become more prevalent. It is presented as a sustainable alternative to auto transport that is centered on transit stations and the surrounding areas

• This issue features examples from Europe, the US, and Asia, discussing how management, civic engagement, and urban development are changing city centers

This issue investigates TODM (Transit-Oriented Development and Management), a sustainable, station-centered urban planning model with examples from cities in Europe, the United States, and Asia. The results are two years of research on how management, civic engagement, and urban re-organization have been contextualized in different countries, cities, stations, and social fabrics.

The relationship between cities and transportation networks is complex and highly situational. Broadly speaking, European cities have focused on environmental issues, such as shifting away from motorization; the United States on renewing and expanding station and peripheral functions; and Asia on the introduction of new transportation infrastructure. The different projects have been classified into 10 themes reflecting their function and goals.

Text in English and Japanese.

22 x 29 cm


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