A+U 11:06, 489 - Geoffrey Bawa, Essence of Sri Lanka

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Considered the foremost contemporary architect in Sri Lanka, Geoffrey Bawa's work continues to have lasting influence on multiple generations of Asian architects. Working mainly in Sri Lanka and tropical Asia, he adapted vernacular elements, materials, and construction methodologies before current ideas of sustainability and climate-responsiveness came about. For him, the spatial and visual experiences of a building were far more important than its physical form. The result is an architecture that is responsive to its climate and landscape, with carefully orchestrated spaces blurring interior and exterior boundaries.

The ability to combine local elements with contemporary designs has allowed his work to bridge seamlessly between vernacular traditions and modernity. Bawa's projects are sensitive to their context and remain relevant to this day.

a+u - Architecture and Urbanism is a monthly architectural magazine established in 1971 that highlights the work and activities of top contemporary architects from around the world. a+u features architecture and a broad range of other new design sources in a well-presented format.

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