Binchotan Charcoal Body Scrub Towel

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Ultra-fine activated Binchotan charcoal is infused into the fibres of this luxurious scrub towel to help naturally refresh and revitalize skin. Binchotan charcoal naturally draws out impurities from the skin leaving behind a soft healthy glow. The Binchotan Charcoal Scrub towel features two textures: a softer portion for sensitive areas, and a coarser section for gentle exfoliation. Use daily in the bath or shower to wash, scrub and gently exfoliate your entire body.

Revered in Japan since the Edo period, Binchotan Charcoal is a natural way to purify, cleanse, and improve the quality of your daily life. Binchotan Charcoal is made the time-tested way in its birthplace, the Kishu region of Japan in the Wakayama Prefecture.

Body scrub towel. Made in Japan. 

9 x 10".

Content: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester infused with Binchotan Micro-Powder.


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