Stolzl Fallow Bauhaus Lambswool Blanket

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Wallace Sewell celebrated the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus by being honoured to create a re-edition of the bedspread, originally designed by Gunta Stölzl for the student accommodation in the Prellerhaus, Bauhaus Dessau.
The project was first initiated by Jörg Klambt, founder and director of Muse-Store, Germany and has been realized through collaboration with Monika Stadler, daughter of Gunta.  Though none of the original bedspreads exist, Wallace Sewell has worked closely with Monika and Jörg, investigating archive drawings and photographs, to recreated and produce the graphic, linear designs that pay homage to Gunta’s iconic blanket.

The original blankets were woven in rayon - then a popular material - but the designers decided to use wool for the reissued version as it is more sustainable and attractive. 

"We are honoured to be part of this historic realization of such an important Bauhaus design,” says Emma Sewell, "Particularly since we have been influenced by the Bauhaus in our own designing for many years." 

142 x 245 cm. 


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