Timeline Bowl

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The Italian designer Luca Nichetto designed Timeline in 2010, a multi-use solid brass bowl that recalls the very old tradition of polishing away the oxidation that accumulates over time on the surface of the traditional bronze doorhandles of Venetian doors. Even after a good polishing, these objects, which can assume a myriad of different forms, usually retain the darker areas of oxidation in the interstices that the polisher's cloth or brush cannot reach. Inspired by this, Timeline's decorative character is created precisely through the process of oxidation, which generates a pattern of circular grooves on the objects' brass surface over time, in other words Timelines. Solid Brass.

For over 400 years the lustre of Skultuna brass has illuminated the world. With classic designs from the time of our founder King Karl IX of Sweden, as well as with ground breaking antiquities of tomorrow by leading international designers. They have always been, and will always be, one part traditional craftsmanship and one part modernity.

Decorative bowl in polished solid brass. 

Ø8.6 x 4.8 cm. 


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