Deadline Mirror - 60 Crossing Paths

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The mirrors making up the Deadline collection by Ron Gilad are ingeniously designed hybrid objects, combining premier engineering and carpentry skills of the highest order. Twelve unique pieces, each set in its own black or white ashwood frame, each of which boasts a different texture and shape. Every piece is composed of two sheets of glass, 12mm apart. The front face is silvered, the back being coloured orange, blue, or red. These colours are reflected in the second mirror, to create a subtle interplay of graphic shapes. The frame comes apart so the mirrors can be cleaned. It is fitted with high-profile joints, the better to emphasize that this is an example of MedaMade craftsmanship. The oblong, square, or rectangular frames highlight the difference between each option, reinforcing the idea of the unique nature of the work of art. 

Textured mirror with two panels in a wood ash frame. 

 W50 x H70 x D5 cm. 

Made in Italy. 


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