Geo Sculptures

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Jaime Hayon is known for bringing playfulness into everything he creates, no matter if it is art, furniture design or decorative objects. The GEO sculptures #1 and #2 are the Spanish designer's first wooden sculptures produced by Fritz Hansen. They are an enchanting, tangible interpretation of the quirky drawings Hayon is known for, which is also found in his artistic throws created for the Fritz Hansen Objects collection. Each of the two sculptures tells its story.

Geo #1 is tall, round and when tipping the tiny hat on top, the sculpture reveals a petite built-in vase fit for a single, small flower stem. Geo #2 is geometrically a cylinder with a lid that can be lifted and used to store life’s little belongings like jewellery

Wood sculpture in thermo-treated ash. The thermal treatment is a heat-treating process, which involves heating the wood to a temperature of 180-215 °C, while at the same time protecting it with steam. It is a process that is 100% natural since no harmful chemicals are added. It increases durability and colours the wood in a golden dark brown tone all the way through

Geo #1 -  Ø12.9 x H18.4 cm.

Geo #2 -  Ø10.3 x H15 cm.


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