Sphere Vase Bubl Hexa in Sand

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The Sphere series celebrates unique silhouettes and textures that make an impact with the decorative charm of the series which consists of vases and bowls in different shapes and sizes. Sphere is also the first ceramic design developed by 101 Copenhagen and quickly it became their signature. 

Elegantly sculpted, each is finished in intricate ornate detailing. Combine with petals from fresh summer blooms or stand-alone to create a commanding focal point in the heart of your interior.

The vases are developed in close collaboration with a highly skilled ceramist, ensuring the precise contrast between the smooth shapes and sharp edges. 

Handmade ceramic vase. Since this item is hand-glazed and made of natural materials, colours may vary.

This vase is not waterproof.

60 x 18.5 x 42 cm


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