West Coast Modern House Series


West Coast Modern residences offer a glimpse into the unique architectural history of the region and represent the legacies of some of Canada’s most innovative and revered architects. Unfortunately, many of these structures face the threat of demolition; most are so poorly documented, they are in danger of being forgotten.

While the loss of some landmark houses may be inevitable as a result of escalating land values and the high cost of upkeep, the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture is committed to the documentation of this fragile architectural heritage for future generations. Each book provides a unique visual and written history of one iconic home.


Smith House II
Michael Prokopow
Qty: 5
Regular price $32
McIntyre House
Sherry McKay
Qty: 18
Regular price $32
Binning House
Matthew Soules
Qty: 24
Regular price $32
Friedman House
Richard Cavell
Qty: 35
Regular price $32
Shumiatcher House
Leslie Van Duzer
Qty: 2
Regular price $32
Downs House II
Christopher Macdonald
Qty: 3
Regular price $32
Copp House
Adele Weder
Qty: 16
Regular price $32
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